About Us


When Jack and Reneé Mougin first arrived in Columbus in 1992 they had a goal of creating a new concept and direction in the fitness industry. Having seen firsthand that the majority of people involved in traditional exercise programs weren't getting the results or attention they needed, they set out to find a better solution. They realized there was a need for a smaller, more intimate setting that offered the services of highly educated and motivated fitness professionals.

In January of 1994 that goal was realized when the Mougins opened Good Bodies Personal Fitness Training.  No longer was it necessary to exercise in a large and impersonal "club" with little or no real assistance.  Good Bodies offered a friendly and unintimidating atmosphere where both clients and trainers felt at home. In the following years, Good Bodies firmly established itself as a premier and respected provider of personal fitness services to the Central Ohio area.

In April of 2006, Greg Baughman became a co-owner of Good Bodies after serving 10 years as a trainer and 5 years as the operations manager. Greg is committed to upholding the Good Bodies traditions of personal service, highly educated staff, and a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. In 2008 the decision was made to change the name of the business to Good Bodies Personal Fitness and Wellness to better reflect the comprehensive package of services now being offered.   

"Good Bodies has literally given me back the use of my shoulder! At 71, I had developed arthritis in my right shoulder. Over the last couple years I had lost the ability to reach higher than my head with my right arm. After Muscle Activation the arm is working well. My wife and I now work out together weekly at Good Bodies to stay healthy and active. " -- Frank M.