Darren Lee

Profession / Company:  Engineer- City of Dublin

Time at Good Bodies:  Since 1998

Favorite Exercise:  There are a number of exercises I like such as Burpees.  I enjoy exercises using multiple muscle groups.

Least Favorite Exercise: Using the Treadmill.

What has personal training, allowed you to do? Personal Training (Strength Training) and cardiovascular exercise has allowed me to stay very active and avoid hereditary health issues.*

What do you like best about Good Bodies? The friendly staff that makes everyone feel comfortable. The trainers at Good Bodies demonstrate a personal interest in their clients and helping them to achieve their goals.*

What has been your biggest obstacle to success?  How did you overcome it Not trying to accopmplish too much in a short time, and eating healthy.  I set tough but attainable goals without depriving myself.  As I achieve the goals, I set new goals to keep myself going.

 Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:
Bring it on!

"Thank you very much for all your effort in always providing variations and effective ways to help me play longer in my workouts.  After having five other trainers before you, I truly appreciated your expertise. " -- June M.