Weight Loss

Weight loss and weight management are issues that face many of us. The sheer number of diet plans available is overwhelming. Often they contradict one another, are confusing, and just aren't realistic. You need practical help that fits your lifestyle...

 We'll Help You...

  • Realize that food doesn't have to be your enemy!*
  • Create individual solutions for your needs and circumstances.*
  • Set goals that are realistic and have value to you.*
  • Design an activity program that fits your lifestyle and encourages maximum fat burning!*

 Our Program:

  • Identifies obstacles that have prevented you from being successful in the past.*
  • Provides sensible and realistic eating habits.*
  • Empowers you to create a dynamic and energetic lifestyle to support long-term weight management.*


Cassie Whittington RD, LD


Alyssa Broadwater MS, RD, LD, CSCS


Sometimes a private, one-on-one setting is the best approach in adopting a dietary lifestyle that will support healthy weight-loss. If you have specific nutritional needs, Let us arrange a meeting with one of our registered dietitians.        

We can help you with:

  • Weight loss and weight management strategies.
  • Healthy meal planning and shopping tips.
  • Sport-specific eating plans.
  • Practical and on the go nutrition for busy lifestyles.
  • Managing disease through diet (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, food allergies/intolerances)*

Available services

  • Individual consultations- 30 minute and one hour. In person or by phone.
  • Grocery store field trip- learn how to shop for your waistline and budget.
  • Home visit- are you ready to clear out your fridge and pantry and stock them with lean and healthy items? We'll help set you up for success!

Contact us now to schedule a complimentary and no-obligation consultation!

"After having two children in three years, my thirty something body didn't bounce back (at all).  I started personal training at Good Bodies and within three months I was one clothing size smaller than my pre-pregnancy size.  I now have the energy to chase my two toddlers all over the place.
  " -- Yvonne M.