Stew Flaherty

Stew Flaherty stewbio350.jpg

President, The Flaherty Consulting Group

Years at Good Bodies: 2

Favorite Exercise:  Balance exercises

Least Favorite Exercise:  Any abdominal exercises

Favorite phrases your trainer uses with you:  "Big muscles burn big", "I Own You",  "No Really".

What has personal training allowed you to do?  "Personal Training, combined with MAT, has allowed me to continue to play hockey, garden hard, and do the physical things I enjoy doing.  While I admit that I'm in my mid 50's, I really don't want to believe it..."*


"...Rick has kept me in shape so that I can compete successfully with players half my age".*

What do you like best about Good Bodies?  "The best thing about Good Bodies is that the training is geared to where I am, each session.  If I've had a rough game or a sore back from digging too hard in the garden, my workout is adjusted.  
   Since adding MAT to my program,  I have really become aware of my muscles and their limitations.  This has helped prevent serious injury.  No longer do I just compensate for a "bad" muscle.  Now I get it fixed and then have a much more efficient workout.  It helps in my quest to, at least, "play" younger.*

"The Restorative Yoga workshop I attended was a wonderful experience. As I held each gentle pose, my body relaxed into each stretch and my mind was freed from all agitation. I had no sense of time passing. I was only aware of my body resting and releasing all tension. When the session ended I was amazed that 2 hours had passed. I was at peace physically and mentally. Almost a week later, I am still feeling the glow " -- Joan B.