Dana Conover

Profession / Company:  Director of Innovation and New Products - Elmer's Products


Time at Good Bodies:  Since Sept. 2008 

Favorite Exercise:  One that I haven't mastered yet.  Right now my goal is to do push-ups on the floor instead of the bar and to do sit-ups without any assistance. 

Least Favorite Exercise:  The last one of my 30-minute session.

What has personal training, allowed you to do? I have much more energy since becoming a twice-a-week regular at Good Bodies.

My waist measurement has dropped 5 inches and I've dropped 6 pant sizes so far.  With the help of my trainers, Rick Jones and Matt Maglicic, my weight loss is now over 55 lbs.  Rick has helped me with reconditioning my core and building my strength.  Matt has helped me reduce my body fat by more than 4% by conducting VO2 testing to determine my optimum cardio plan and exercise levels.

The M.A.T. sessions with Rick have totally eliminated any issues with my shoulder.  Prior to M.A.T. I would experience discomfort while I was sleeping and during the course of my workday.

Just for some perspective - when I first started last September, all I could do was the 30- minute workout - maybe a 5 minute cardio session before, but no cardio after my workout.  My legs were so shaky from my initial sessions even after I would get home. The first time I tried to do a squat I couldn't get down and was afraid if I did get down that I wouldn't get back up.  My toe touch style was ruled ineligible - Rick said that I couldn't bend my knees like I was doing.

I can now do full squats, complete my toe touches and can complete a robust 75-minute cardio workout either before or after my 30-minute strength training session.*

What do you like best about Good Bodies? 
The friendly and professional staff that's always willing to help me on my journey to lose at least 80 lbs and to have a 30-32" waist so that I can live a long and healthy life.*

Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:
"Give me some positive reinforcement Rick!" and "Are you counting how many reps I've done Rick?"

A Special Thank You: I'd like to also give a special thanks to my wife Debbie who encouraged me to learn new behaviors regarding food choices and quantity of food consumption and to my daughter Carrie who encouraged me to "Just try Good Bodies for a month dad!"  Both of these sustainable changes are now part of my life.  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!  Debbie, Carrie, and I are all regulars at Good Bodies and are all benefiting from regular workouts!

My backaches, neck aches, general aches, and headaches are all gone now.  I feel like I have a new life as a result of the lifestyle changes that I've made.*

"Good Bodies has literally given me back the use of my shoulder! At 71, I had developed arthritis in my right shoulder. Over the last couple years I had lost the ability to reach higher than my head with my right arm. After Muscle Activation the arm is working well. My wife and I now work out together weekly at Good Bodies to stay healthy and active. " -- Frank M.