Traditional therapy programs often leave a gap between injury and complete recovery. Individuals are frequently released from rehabilitation before they are fully ready to resume daily activities. Good Bodies can bridge that gap.  Our Wellness program is designed to take you through the correct steps to get you feeling strong, confident, and back in control.

We'll Help You...

  • Safely transition from a rehabilitation setting into an active lifestyle

  • Improve flexibility while reducing joint discomfort and stiffness.

  • Improve your quality of life and once again enjoy activities important to you.

  • Discover just how good a properly aligned body can feel!

Our Program:

  • Uses Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.), a dynamic approach to treating muscular imbalances and limitations.
  • Can help reduce the risk of re-injury and further need for medical intervention.
  • Is designed to flow from the Physical Therapist, to the Muscle Activation Certified Specialist, to the Personal Trainer with communication at each step.

  • Makes you an active participant as you learn how your body should move and function.

Wellness Program Features:

  • A one-hour comprehensive structural assessment by a licensed Physical Therapist to find movement and/or structural imbalances.

  • Four one-hour follow-up sessions with a certified M.A.T. specialist for corrective treatment.

  • Four one-hour personal training sessions to design an exercise and movement program that will reinforce the corrections.

Call Jack or Greg now to learn how our Wellness Program can give you your life back...(614) 889-2282.

"Good bodies got me back on track! They say television adds ten pounds. My training took off twenty. Working with personal trainer not only took the weight off, but put the muscle on. I gladly had to have some of my suits altered. Thanks Good Bodies! " -- Mike Kallmeyer, ONN