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Many of us jump directly into ACTION. We don't care what action, if we like the action, or even if it's the right action. We are convinced that ACTION is the answer.

Don't get me wrong action is powerful and needed but we often get confused that physical action is the first step.

What? You may be asking, "what other kind of action is there?"

Mental action. We all have heard the adage: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."
And yet we often jump into the new-year hype with "I am going to get in shape this year," I am going to lose weight!" and "I am going to eat better."

The enthusiasm is great but what does it all mean?
What does "being in shape" really mean for you? Does that involve losing weight, getting more sleep, drinking more water or reducing stress?

Beginning with mental action means getting clear with the decision maker: our brain. It’s important to spend some time reflecting on our habits to figure out what we want — really want? And what are we willing to do, long term, to get it?

Don't panic, we have the framework to help and we know you have the answers. This year, the first step toward changing for good is meeting with a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and talking about what you envision for yourself this year and making a plan for you, by you, to get it.*


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