Elizabeth Carpenter

Profession / Company:  CEO Top Consulting / Missionary His Precious Children

Time at Good Bodies:  Since 2012

Favorite Exercise:  The Arc Trainer

Least Favorite Exercise:  All shoulder exercises (except straight arm pulldowns)

What has personal training, allowed you to do?  When I first came to Good Bodies I could barely walk around the block or ride more than a couple miles.  I was giving up.  Now it takes a 5K to tire me out and I am 200% more active!  I look forward to exercise!*

What has been your biggest obstacle to success?  How did you overcome it?  My health has been the biggest obstacle.  Thanks to Greg (Trainer), Cassie (Dietitian), and Kyle (MAT-Physical Therapist) we are overcoming these obstacles.  I have lost 66 lbs. so far and while I am usually on antibiotics 4-6 times a year, this year I have had no antibiotics!*


What do you like best about Good Bodies?  The attention to more than just training - it's really been about lifestyle change that is more sustainable.

Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:  I call Greg - Gregory when I don't want to do something!













"As an aging weekend warrior, I have come to really appreciate Muscle Activation. This in combination with personal training has allowed me to compete successfully with hockey players half my age. " -- Stew F.