Gerri Robinson

Profession / Company:  Designer / Planted Seed Designs

Time at Good Bodies:  Since 2010
What has personal training, allowed you to do?  Initially, learn the CORRECT form in performing weight bearing exercises.  Over the course of training, change the look and shape of my body and lose weight while building muscle; muscle I was afraid to gain because of wrong information I was holding on to.  Most importantly, training and exercise has allowed me to move with full range of motion.*
What do you like best about Good Bodies?  The PEOPLE!!! The trainers are the BEST!!!  The trainers take you where you are, work with what you have, factor in limitations and create a workout that kicks you in all the places you forgot existed!  
Quick shout out to ALL the trainers I've worked with to help me get to where I am today...Whitey, Pam, Toni, Beth, Heidi, and Lisa - you guys are truly the best, thank you!
What has been your biggest obstacle to success? How did you overcome it? Oh how I wish I had taken my "early" trainers advice and tips on nutrition and applied them to my daily life but unfortunately most of the information fell on deaf ears.  The patience the Good Bodies trainers have; they can see your success much sooner than you can see it.  If I'd only applied what they were trying to say to me; I guess I wasn't quite ready... until now!
You definitely CAN'T have HEALTHY nutrition without exercise and vice versa.... You can't have one without the other to achieve success!*
Favorite Exercise:  Cardio and LUNGES!!!  Just ask all my trainers!

Least Favorite Exercise:  Pilates Roll Over!

Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:  How much longer?  How many more?

"As an aging weekend warrior, I have come to really appreciate Muscle Activation. This in combination with personal training has allowed me to compete successfully with hockey players half my age. " -- Stew F.