Mandy Reynolds

Profession / Company:  Community Manager

Time at Good Bodies:  Since 2015

What has personal training allowed you to do? Personal training and strengthening has given me a new way of looking at what is most important to my body, mind, and soul.  I have a much better appreciation of a total body workout and I am no longer limiting my activities.  I am physically stronger and more determined than ever to keep pushing myself towards a healthy way of life.

What do you like best about Good Bodies?  The environment is relaxed, friendly, and I feel comfortable in pushing myself to a healthier me each and every session.  My trainer, Greg, is very encouraging and positive and he inspires me to stay motivated in reaching my fitness goals.



What has been your biggest obstacle to success?  How did you overcome it?  Day to day stressors can be my biggest obstacle.  In the past, eating unhealthy was my go to for stress relief.  I have found exercise gives me a much better relief than turning to food.  I continue to remind myself that my health and well-being are a priority for me, and set a good example for my family!

Favorite exercise: the Prowler (weighted sled we push in the parking lot.)

Least Favorite Exercise:  Bird-Dogs, "These are ridiculous" she says.  

"Good Bodies has literally given me back the use of my shoulder! At 71, I had developed arthritis in my right shoulder. Over the last couple years I had lost the ability to reach higher than my head with my right arm. After Muscle Activation the arm is working well. My wife and I now work out together weekly at Good Bodies to stay healthy and active. " -- Frank M.