Long appreciated for relaxation and stress relief, a massage is a great addition to your regular fitness and wellness program.  Studies have shown that a massage relieves post exercise soreness, removes the build-up of toxins within the muscles, lowers blood pressure and helps to dissipate chronic tension headaches.  Additionally, a massage has shown to be helpful in treating stress, depression and anxiety. Types of massage/therapy available are: 

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Custom Therapy

Designed one treatment at a time based upon your individual needs and goals.  To accomplish this, our therapist will use a combination of techniques, including trigger point, myofascial release and deep tissue massage. 

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Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is an effective and proven massage technique to relieve chronic tension and discomfort in specific areas of the body.  Whether you’re and athlete, office worker or stay-at-home mom, a Deep Tissue Massage can be modified and adjusted to meet your individual needs. 

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Sports Specific

Each athletic event or activity carries with it unique stresses to the human body. Sports Specific Massage is equally effective for the casual weekend participant as it is the dedicated competitor. This form of Massage is beneficial for both pre-activity preparation and post-activity recovery.  Studies also point to Sports Specific massage being an effective injury prevention method. 

BEMER Therapy

As a therapeutic modality that facilitates the blood flow within the body, BEMER  
therapy is designed to improve circulation as a means of supporting natural self-regulating processes.  With our blood acting as our body’s universal means of transport for oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers and immune cells, etc., its circulation becomes the optimal prerequisite for ensuring good levels of health and wellness.