Marsha Moore

Profession / Company:  Public Relations/Marketing Director for Deaf Services Center

Time at Good Bodies:  Since April 2014

Favorite Exercise:  Walk-outs and anything Upper Body!

Least Favorite Exercise:  Side Planks!!!  (Even though I do well with these.)

What has personal training, allowed you to do?  To put focus and balance on myself again.  After 20 years of working and taking care of 4 children, I had totally neglected myself.  I couldn't even touch my toes and was so inflexible.  I also had severe neck, shoulder, and back pain all the time. On top of this, I got hit with vestibular neuronitis!

What do you like best about Good Bodies?  The one-on-one training sessions tailored to my needs. Constance knows what exercises for me to do to meet my goals.  The people and trainers are friendly and caring and I feel like a part of the family.

Moreover, personal training, along with M.A.T., Mat Pilates, and Yoga has allowed me to restore my energy, flexibility, balance, and build core abs strength again.  After a few months, I am now even able to touch my toes again!*

Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:  "Breathe" and "Focus" - sometimes when a set seems harder to do, it's because I've forgotten to breathe in & out which makes it so much easier.  The same thing with focus - especially when I do balance exercise, I need to focus to achieve goals.