Jan Peterson

Profession / Company:  Paraprofessional, Dublin City Schools

Time at Good Bodies:  Since 2010

Favorite Exercise:  Plank (I'm better than I was, and not really my favorite, but least disliked exercise).

Least Favorite Exercise: Pushing that Prowler!!!

What have Body Performance classes allowed you to do? Body Performance classes with Beth Dolce have given me tone and strength, specifically, upper body strength.  I have always run, but had never strength trained.  When I started classes with Beth, I could lift maybe 5 pounds.  I now bench press 24 pounds (awesome for me), and I can flip those big fire truck tires.  When I decided to run a half-marathon last year, I took a class offered by Beth about building strength for a specific sport, in addition to strength straining.  I learned so much about strength needed for running, and was able to run a half-marathon in May at the pace of 10:01/mile and I finished fourth in my age group (59).  The strength training has allowed me to be a much better, stronger runner, AND to increase my bone density.*

What do you like best about Good Bodies? Beth Dolce, and her energy filled classes.  She brings so much knowledge, and shares it with us all the time.  She varies the classes so we never get bored, and attends to each person's strengths and weaknesses.  I do love the atmosphere at Good Bodies, and I love seeing all shapes and sizes come to get in shape.*

What has been your biggest obstacle to success?  How did you overcome it?  My biggest obstacle to success was probably my upper body strength.  These classes have not been easy for me, and the changes have been gradual.  Recently, taking classes consistently 2 times a week, and often 3 times a week, I have seen a noticeable increase in my muscle definition and strength!!!*