Jolin Wall

Profession / Company: CPA - Internal Auditor / Sedgwick CMS

Time at Good Bodies: Since July 2005

Favorite Exercise: "Is there such a thing, boxing can be a lot of fun."

Least Favorite Exercise: Reverse Curls and Jumprope

What has personal training and M.A.T allowed you to do:
"Personal Training has made me the most fit I have ever been in my life.  My training allowed me to complete a marathon and now I am training to run my second one."

What do you like best about Good Bodies?  "The personal attention and one-on-one interaction with my trainer.  Ann also knows what exercises to do in order to accomplish my fitness goals. I also have had M.A.T. with Rick and this has helped me identify weaknesses in my body and with his help, we were able to correct some of these."*

Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:  
"Damn! You're killing me! Are we done yet?