Carole Barkley


Jim and Carole at the Ohio State Fair 2013 (The Before Picture)


Carole Barkley

Profession / Company:  Retired R.N. & Health Educator, currently a Docent at the Columbus Zoo

Time at Good Bodies:  Since 2010

Favorite Exercise:  Anything that will help me improve myself

Least Favorite Exercise:  Anything requiring balance

What has been your biggest obstacle to success?  Getting myself into the habit of regular visits each week-have signed up for Pilates and yoga classes to help ensure my regular attendance and increasing my scope of health benefits.*

What has personal training, allowed you to do?  Body toning, improved overall strength, cardiovascular improvement, weight loss, better eating habits.*

What do you like best about Good Bodies?  Friendly smaller gym, many helpful programs to choose from, staff provides wonderful support and encouragement.

Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:  "But you know how uncoordinated I am..." (my excuse)

"Thank you very much for all your effort in always providing variations and effective ways to help me play longer in my workouts.  After having five other trainers before you, I truly appreciated your expertise. " -- June M.