Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a personal trainer?  A personal trainer is a coach, a friend, a person interested in seeing you succeed.  While it’s easy to go online and see what exercises are possible to do, an experienced personal trainer will help you determine what exercises work best for you, which may change from workout to workout depending on your energy, motivation, and injuries.  A personal trainer will also help you determine what not to do.  Certain exercises may actually hurt you if done incorrectly or performed too often or intensely.

Can I afford personal training?  Yes!  While the majority of our long-term clients work with their trainer twice a week, some clients only train with us once a week or once a month to get the accountability and knowledge a trainer provides.  Clients also enjoy having a personalized program written up for them without the expense of long-term training.

What type of group classes do you offer?  We offer a Women’s only small group class called Body Performance, a strength training/conditioning class called Muscle Madness, and we also offer Yoga and Mat Pilates classes as well.  Feel free to try one of our classes complimentary!

Do you have weight loss programs?  Yes!  Weight loss needs to incorporate a combination of healthy nutrition and exercise.  We have dietitians available to help you eat the appropriate amount of calories and nutrients while making changes over time, and personal trainers to guide you into the appropriate exercises you’ll enjoy.  Start with our quick and easy Seca wellness assessment to determine a starting point, and let us help you plan a path forward!

Do I need a membership to workout at Good Bodies?  A membership is only necessary if you would like to workout at the facility on your own.   Memberships are not required for participation in personal training or group classes.

What are the membership options available?  If you’d like to workout on your own, memberships may be purchased on a monthly contract after you have completed an 8 package of sessions with a trainer.  The cost of a membership decreases if you are working with a trainer consistently (at least 4 times per month).  Please contact us for more information.