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Profession / Company:  Retired (Former Executive V.P. Limited Brands) Time at Good Bodies:  26 Years working with Jack Mougin and Jeff Holdinsky  Favorite Exercise:  Upper Body Least Favorite Exercise:  Legs, without a doubt. I'm infamous for being a… more

Profession / Company:  Co-owner Martin Partitions Website: Time at Good Bodies:  Since 2011 Favorite Exercise:   Anything that includes stretching. Least Favorite Exercise: Side planks What has personal training allowed you… more

Profession / Company:  Public Relations/Marketing Director for Deaf Services Center Time at Good Bodies:  Since April 2014 Favorite Exercise:  Walk-outs and anything Upper Body! Least Favorite Exercise:  Side Planks!!!  (Even though I do… more

Profession / Company:  Paraprofessional, Dublin City Schools Time at Good Bodies:  Since 2010 Favorite Exercise:  Plank (I'm better than I was, and not really my favorite, but least disliked exercise). Least Favorite Exercise: Pushing that Prowler… more

Profession / Company:  Upper Arlington Lutheran Church-IT Manager Time at Good Bodies:  Since February 2013 What has personal training, allowed you to do?  It’s given me a whole new lease on life. Being fit has given me more confidence and energy in my… more

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